Staff Profiles

J. Mark Zdepski, President, Principal Geologist

       New Jersey Liscenced Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)    
Certified Professional Geologist (Virginia #734)
       Registered Professional Geologist (Pennsylvania #PG-002923-G)
       Underground Storage Tank Certification (New Jersey)

M.S. (1980) and B.S. (1974) in Geology, University of Alaska

Heavy Metals: Site Assessment and Remediation, University of Connecticut (1992)
Hydrogeology, Rutgers University (1989)
IBM PC Applications in Ground Water Pollution & Hydrology: NWWA:AGWSE (1989)
Groundwater Pollution & Hydrology: Princeton Associates (1986)
National Ground Water Association- Reviewer: FOCUS Eastern Conference on Ground Water Issues-1993 & 1994
Society of Industrial Archeologists - Roebling Chapter
Geological Association of New Jersey
Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration
Society of Economic Geologists
New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA)
American Chemical Society
Association of Engineering Geologists

General Background

After gaining considerable experience in economic and exploration geology, during which Mark headed projects in Alaska, Montana and Nevada for Anaconda Minerals Company, a move back to his homestate of New Jersey brought him into the heart of the developing environmental business.

Mark began a second stage of his career in geology with Earth Technology Corporation in 1985. He gained experience with regulatory compliance issues such as ECRA/ISRA and RCRA, hydrogeologic and geologic site assessments, underground storage tanks, and environmental audits.

In 1987, he established J. Mark Zdepski, Inc., now known as JMZ Geology. As president of this dedicated company, Mark personally maintains relationships with each of his clients, overseeing all projects delegated to other members of his team. His emphasis on science and accuracy extends to all members of his staff.

He is also an advocate for a sensible, scientific approach to environmental legislation. He has spoken to government, business and professional audiences about historic land-use and development impacts on soil and groundwater conditions in the metropolitan region.

Michael McGowan, Project Geologist

            Certified Professional Geologist (Arkansas 206)
            Certified Groundwater Professional (Iowa)

M.S. Geology (1981) Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
B.A. Geology (1978) Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

Association of Groundwater Scientists & Engineers
Appalachian Geological Society

 General Background

Prior to joining JMZ Geology, Mike acquired extensive experience in environmental geology in regulatory compliance, subsurface, historical, and remedial investigations. His close work with attorneys in litigation support yielded positive, economical results for clients.

At JMZ Geology, Mike has engaged in broad research into historical land-use impacts to soil and groundwater in the New Jersey metropolitan areas of Hudson and Bergen County. He has provided thorough analyses of proposed environmental legislation and the potential consequences to both community and clients.

Among the projects which Mike has had responsibility are: a historical background study and subsurface investigation for a leading New Jersey developer in blighted urban locations; evaluation and analysis of the developmental history of a major manufacturer company site and surrounding industrial property to determine the source of contamination; development and implementation of remedial activitiesand post-remediation monitoring for a metals recovery facility.

Mike's career history includes experience as a petroleum geologist concentrating in the Gulf of Mexico and the northern Applachians region.

Selected Articles & Abstracts

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McGowan, M.A. and J.M. Zdepski, "The Filling History and Contaminated Sites of the Kearny Meadows, Hudson County, NJ." Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 32nd Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section, vol. 29, no.1, p. 11. February 1997.

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McGowan, M.A., and DeBenedetto, J.N., "Sedimentology and Origin of an Early Jurassic Oil Shale in New Jersey," Paper presented at annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, October, 1983.

McGowan, M.A., Manspiezer, W., and Hall, S. "Early Jurassic Rhomb-shaped Grabens, Deep Water Lakes, and the Opening of the Proto-Atlantic," Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, October, 1981

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